Pitch perfect: dentrifices

As part of our ongoing series of collections of old advertising slogans, culled from a 1949 book called American Slogans, we today share a list of slogans that were utilized by companies that manufactured and marketed dentrifices (tooth pastes and brushes, denture creams, mouthwashes, etc.):

As long as the danger line keeps healthy, you needn’t fear pyorrhea (Squibb).

Beauty bath for your teeth (Listerine tooth paste).
Be good to your gums (Pro-phy-lac-tic toothbrush).
Bent like a dentist’s mirror to reach more places (Squibb toothbrush).
Be true to your teeth or they’ll be false to you (Medisalt), Carey Salt Co.
Beware of Smoker’s Teeth (tooth paste), Bost Inc., New York.

Child’s face grows to fit the teeth, The (Children’s Clinical Laboratory).
Cleans all teeth underneath.
Cleans as it fizzes (denture cleanser), Fizzadent Corp.
Cleans inside, outside and between the teeth (brush), The Western Co.
Cleans your breath while it cleans your teeth (Colgate dental cream).
Clean tooth never decays, A (Pro-phy-lac-tic tooth brush).
Correct toothpaste, The (Orphos Co.), New York.

Dentally different (Orphos).
Dentrifice that made fine teeth fashionable, The (Dr. Lyons).
Detoxify the mouth every day (W.S. Merrill Co.), Cincinnati.
Do as your dentist does (Dr. Lyons).
Does both jobs: cleans teeth, saves gums (Forhans).

Easy to use (Listerine tooth paste), Lambert Pharmacal Co., St. Louis.

First dental preparations made especially for children, The (Clinical Lab.).
For firmer gums, cleaner teeth (Forhans).
For lazy people (Listerine tooth paste).
For the gums (Forhans).
For the smile of beauty (Ipana), Bristol-Myers Co.
Four out of five get it before they are forty (Forhans).

Gets the tartar, not the gums (toothbrush).
Good for tender gums (Ipana tooth paste).
Guard your mouth (Dental Hi-gene Products, Inc.), Cleveland.

It cleans your breath while it cleans your teeth (Colgate).
It reaches every surface of every tooth (Dr. West’s miracle tuft).
It’s good for your teeth (Kolynos Co.).

Just rub it on the gums (Dr. Hand’s teething lotion).

Keeps breath pure and sweet 1 to 2 hours longer (Pepsodent antiseptic).
Keeps plates and bridges odor-free (Polident).
Keeps the teeth white (Dentyne toothpaste).

Leaves that clean taste in your mouth (Amberdent tooth paste), Raelin Prods.
Lovely to look at, pleasant to use (Tek toothbrush).

Makes your teeth feel smooth as silk (Otis Clapp & Son), Boston.
Make this startling test (Bost tooth paste).
Massage for the gums, A (Gum-rub), Dental Lab. Prods. Co., Washington D.C.
Modern tooth brush, The (Tek).

Name you can trust, A (dental cream), Squibb.
New-day dentifrice, The (Pepsodent).
No other has round-end bristle (Prypholactic tooth brush).
Now clean the tartar zone (Tek toothbrush).
Now, no bad breath behind his sparkling smile (Colgate).

Okaze deodorizes your plates as it cleans them (denture cleanser), Staze, Inc.
“Okaze” your plates, “okaze” your breath (denture cleanser).
162 brushings in the 40c tube (Listerine toothpaste).
Original toothpaste for gums and teeth (Forhan’s).

Package of smiles (toothpaste).
Perfect powder for dentures, The (Corega Chemical Co.), Cleveland.
Perma-grip bristle can’t come out (Prypholactic tooth brush).
Powder that penetrates between the teeth, The (McKesson & Robbins).
Prescription for your teeth (Listerine tooth paste).
Professional tooth powder for daily home use, The (Pepsodent).
Protects teeth beautifully (Teel).

Recommended by more dentists than any other denture cleaner (Polident).
Removes cause of tooth decay (Colgate dental cream).
Removes the dingy film (Pepsodent).
Restorations that restore (Dentists’ Supply Co.).

Safe modern way to clean plates and bridges, The (Polident).
Salt Dentrifice, The (Bleachodent Dental Laboratories).
Sign of a healthy mouth (Amerdent mouth wash).
Smoker’s friend, The (Bost tooth paste).
Smooth tooth paste, The (Chlorax), Nulyne Laboratories.
Staze stays stronger, LONGER (denture products), Staze, Inc.

There’s beauty in every drop (Teel), Mouth wash.
To keep teeth clean use Saltine (Saltine Co.), Kansas City, Mo.
Tooth powder in paste form (Sunny Smile Products Co.), Phila.
Toothsome paste, The (Red Gum Products Co.), San Francisco.
Twice a day and before every date (Colgate Ribbon dental cream).

Use BOST, and get a good paste in the mouth.
Use Pepsodent twice a day, see your dentist twice a year.

Wake up lazy gums with Ipana and massage.
Water-proofed against sogginess (Dr. West’s tooth brush).
Win the smile of perfection through Forhan’s protection.

You can’t “brush off” denture breath (Polident).
Your daily dentist (tooth paste), Prof. Research Labs., Detroit.
Your mouth will sing its praises (Worcestor Salt tooth paste).
Your smile of beauty (Ipana tooth paste).
Your teeth are only as healthy as your gums (Forhan’s Co.).

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