Pitch perfect: beer and ale

As part of our ongoing series of collections of old advertising slogans, culled from a 1949 book called American Slogans, we today share a list of slogans that were utilized by companies that manufactured and marketed brews (beer, ale, etc.).

It’s interesting to note, as one peruses the list, how often beer is referred to as “brew.” You don’t hear that usage nearly as often in today’s advertising.

Actually aged longer (Leisy Brewing Co.).
Aged by Father Time himself (Hyde Pk. Brewers Assn.).
Aged extra long for extra flavor (Breidt Brewing Co.).
Aged in natural rock caves (Ebling).
All-American ale, The (Cleveland-Sandusky Brewing Corp.).
All-American beer, The (Cleveland-Sandusky).
All year ’round soft drink, The (Anheuser-Busch).
Always in good company (Standard Brewing Co.).
America has gone Budweiser (Anheuser-Busch).
America’s beverage of moderation (U.S. Brewers Assn.).
America’s largest-selling ale (Ballantine).
America’s oldest lager beer (F&M Schaefer).
Any time is STANDARD time (Standard Brewing Co.).
As good as it looks (Barvarian Brewing Co.).
Ask your doctor (All-American Premium Beer).
As of yore (Harvard Brewing Co.).
As tonic as sunshine itself (Aetna Brewing Co.).
As you like it (Rubsam & Horrmann).

Backed by a century of brewing experience (Gerhard Lang Brewers).
Be ale-wise (Old Colony Brewing Co.).
Beer at its best (F&M Schaefer).
Beer belongs, enjoy it (U.S. Brewers Foundation).
Beer flavor at its peak (John F. Trommer).
Beer for good cheer, The (Potosi Brewing Co.).
Beer is as old as history (Budweiser).
Beer is no better than its ingredients, A (Hammerschlag Refining Co.).
Beer of friendship, The (Jax Brewing Co.).
Beer that grows its own flavor (Edelbrew).
Beer that made Milwaukee famous (Schlitz).
Beer that made the nineties gay, The (Potosi).
Beer that made the old days good, The (Jacob Ruppert).
Beer that makes friends, The (Lubeck Brewing Co.).
Beer that’s brewed the natural way, aged the natural way, The (Breidt).
Beer that’s extra-aged, the (Hyde Park Breweries Assn.).
Beer that’s time-ripened, time-tempered, The (Breidt).
Beer that wins awards, The (Jacob Hornung Brewing Co.).
Beer with millions of friends, The (Hyde Park).
Beer with the flavor as different as day from night, The (Breidt).
Beer with the 4th ingredient, The (Breidt).
Best beer by far at home, club, or bar, The (Jacob Hornung).
Best of all, Edelbrew costs you no more.
Best tonic, The (Pabst Corp.).
Better because brewed solely of malt and hops (Trommer).
Beverage of moderation for the nation, A (United Brewers Ind. Foundation).
Born in Canada, now going great in 48 states (Carling’s Ale).
Bottled beer with the draught beer flavor, The (Globe Brewing Co.).
Breidt’s for TIME, the part of beer you taste but never see.
Brewed in the British manner (Conn. Valley Brewing Co.).
Brewed on the same site since 1840.
Brewed solely of malt and hops (Trommer).
Brewer of better beer (Blatz).
Brewery goodness sealed right in (Pabst).
Brew for me in ’43, The (Wiliam Gratz).
Brewing better beer for the 96th year (Blatz).
Brew of quality, The (Pabst Blue Ribbon Brew).
Brews that satisfy, The (Ruppert).
Brew that brings back memories, The (Pabst).
Brew with a head of its own (Krueger).
Brew with small bubble carbonation, The (Heurich Brewing Co.).
Brew that holds its head high in any company (Senate Beer), Heurich.
Bubbles of health (Queen City Bottling Co.).
But the greatest reason of all is that Guinness is good for you.
Buy the Big Boy (Trommer).
By the glass, by the bottle, by the case, Buy Hyde Park.

Case of Aetna is a case of health, A (dinner ale).
Choice of all who know one beer from another, The (Forest City Brewing).
Choicest Product of the brewer’s art, The (Falstaff).
Christmas time is Guinness time.
Cleveland’s favorite brew since 1862 (Leisy).

Delicious, deLIGHTful, demand it (Piel’s).
Don’t say beer, say Falstaff.
Drink of friendship, The (Jax Brewing Co.).
Drink that made Milwaukee famous, The (Schlitz).
Drink you’ll always ask for, The (General Beverage Co.).

Every taste a treat (Pittsburgh Brewing Co.).
Experts pronounce it best (Krueger).

Famous for five generations (Oil City Brewing Co.).
Famous for its perfect head (Guinness).
Favorite of the older generation, and going strong with the new (F. Jones).
Finer than the finest (Pittsburgh Brewing Co.).
Finest beer we’ve ever brewed (Schaefer).
First for flavor (Pittsburgh Brewing Co.).
Fit for a king (Kings Brewery).
Foaming with flavor (Eichler).
For health’s sake, ask your doctor (Brackenridge Brewing Co.).
For keener refreshment (Pabst).
Friendly beer for friendly people, The (Ruppert).
Friendship beers, The (Jax).
Full of good cheer (The Atlantic Co.).

G-B means Great Beer (Grace Bros.).
Get that golden glow with Rheingold (Liebmann Breweries).
Give me another Central Royal Beer (Central Breweries).
Glass of Guinness is a cheerful sight, A.
Good as ever (Falstaff).
Good food tastes better with Star Ale.
Good measure (Hampden Brewing Co.).
Good old Munich and it’s good for you (Buckeye Producing Co.).
Good taste for 100 years (Pabst).
Good taste suggests it (Peter Fox Brewing Co.).
Grand tastin’ grand prize (Gulf Brewing Co.).
Guinness a day is good for you, A.
Guinness and oysters are good for you.
Guinness at one is good for you, A.
Guinness at two is good for you, A.
Guinness for appetite.
Guinness is good for you.

Have a glass of Guinness when you’re tired.
Have you tasted Feigenspan P.O.N. beer and ale?
Head of the class, The (Brewing Corp. of America).
Hey! Give me a tall one (Tall-One Co.).
Hoffman draught beer in bottles is really draught beer.

It lives with good taste everywhere (Budweiser).
It’s a real glass of beer (Flanagan Nay Brewery).
It’s beer as beer should taste (Rheingold).
It’s better, not bitter (Carling’s Ale).
It’s better than it used to be, and it used to be the best (Horton Pilsener).
It’s blended, it’s splendid (Pabst Blue Ribbon).
It’s flavoripe (Glove Brewing Co.).
It’s good to get home to a Guinness.
It’s jubilating (Bruckmann Co.).
It’s one of the three great beers (Krueger).
It’s smooth sailing with Brackenridge Brewing Company Beers.
It’s smooth sailing with Old Anchor Beer.
It stands on top (Flock Brewing Co.)
It’s the brew for me in ’43 (William Gretz).
It’s TIME that turns the tide in Breidt’s.
It’s time you tasted Breidt’s.
It’s time you tasted Breidt’s, the beer with the 4th ingredient.
It’s Tom Tucker time.
It strikes one; it’s Guinness time.
It’s two ways light (Trommer).

John L., the best bet for every round (J. Clark Distiling Corp.).
Just right, not sweet, not bitter (Central).
Just the kiss of the hops (Schlitz).

Keeps a head (General Brewing Corp.).
Keg in sight means beer just right, The (Kooler Kegs) Novadel-Agene.
King of bottled beer, The (Anheuser-Busch).

Let your taste tell.
Life of any party, The (Central).
Light after you drink it (Trommer).
Light as you drink it (Trommer)
Light beer of Broadway fame (Trommer’s).
Lives with good taste (Budweiser).
Lunch time is Guinness time (Guinness).
Luxury Beer, The (Barbey’s Inc.), Reading, Pa.

Made like, tastes like fine imported beer (Trommer).
Made the old-fashioned way…slowly…naturally (Wm. Gratz Brewing Co.).
Make mine Ruppert.
Maker’s name proclaims its quality, The (Pabst Corp.).
Makes every bite a banquet (Iron City Beer), Pittsburgh Brewing Co.
Makes you glad you’re thirsty (Budwine Co.), Athens, Ga.
Makes thirst a joy (Triple XXXII Co.), Galveston, Tex.
Maryland’s Masterpiece (National Premium Beer).
Millions remember Doelger, a glass will tell you why.
Milwaukee’s choice (Braumeister Beer).
Milwaukee’s first bottled beer (Blatz).
Milwaukee’s most exquisite beer (Blatz).
Most popular beer in history, The (Budweiser).
Most popular beer the world has ever known, The (Budweiser).

Nationally famous for good taste (Goebel Brewing Co.), Detroit.
Nation’s premium beer, The (Peter Fox Brewing Co.), Chicago.
Nation’s premium Beer, The (Fox De Luxe Brewing Co.), Grand Rapids, Mich.
Naturally better (Ale), Dawson’s Brewery, New Bedford, Mass.
Naturally smooth (Magnus Beck Brewing Co.), Buffalo, N.Y.
Nature’s Health Water (Navaho Mineral Water Co.), Los Angeles.
New big name in beer, The (Brewer’s Best).
New York’s finest (John Eichler Brewing Co.).
Next one tastes as good as the first, The (Central Breweries, Inc.).
Nickel drink worth a dime (Pepsi-Cola).
Nothing take the place of Guinness.

Ohio’s favorite brew since 1862 (Leisy Brewing Co.), Cleveland.
Old friends are best (Rubsam & Horrman), Stapleton, N.Y.
One luxury all can enjoy (Piel Bros.), New York.
One of America’s fastest-growing quality brands (Peter Breidt), Newark, N.J.
Our hand has never lost its skill (F&M Schaefer Brewing Co.), Brooklyn, N.Y.

Peak of beer flavor, The (Trommer’s).
Peer of beers, The (Rubsam & Horrman).
Perfect glass, The (Ballantine).
Preferred…for mellow moments (Hamm’s Beer).
Prince of Ales, The (Busch Pale Dry), Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis.
Prince of pales, The (Anheuser-Busch).
Properly aged always (Standard Brewing Co.). Rochester, N.Y.

Quality at its best (Ebling).
Quality clear through (Stroh Brewery Co.), Detroit.
Quality has no substitute (Majestic Beverage Co.), Chicago.

Remember the name, you’ll never forget the taste. (Rubsam & Horrmann).
Retains all the esters (Buckeye Producing Co.), Toledo, Ohio.
Right from the cypress casks of Goebel.

Seldom equalled, never excelled (Hyde Park Breweries Assn.), St. Louis.
Slow aged for finer flavor (Ruppert).
Smooth sailing with Old Anchor Beer (Brockenridge Brewing Co.), Brockenridge, Pa.
Some things can’t be hurried (Ruppert).
Staten Island beer (Rubsam & Horrmann).
Stay on the Breidt side (Peter Breidt).
Stay on the right side, the Briedt side (Peter Breidt).
Strength…in a glass by itself (Guinness).

Tang of good old ale, The (Haffenreffer & Co.), Boston.
Taste and compare (Trommer).
Taste how rootie it is (Krueger Beverage Co.), Newark, N.J.
Taste of the nation, The (Brewery Corp. of America), Cleveland.
Taste sells a case, A (Pacific Brewing & Malting Co.), San Francisco.
Tastes like fine imported beer (Trommer).
Tastes like more (R.A. Johnson Co.), Milwaukee.
Taste tells the tale (SparkLin Ale Co.), Martin’s Ferry, Ohio.
Taste the difference (Rubsam & Horrmann).
Taste without waist (Black Label Beer), Brewing Corp. of America.
Tasting is believing (Cold Spring Brewing Co.).
Ten to one…it’s Guinness time.
That old-time ale with the old-fashioned flavor (Aetna Brewing Co.). Hartford.
THE premium beer (Barabosa).
There is as much satisfaction in the brewing of a good beer as in the drinking of it (Blatz).
Thirst come, thirst served (Erlanger Brewery), Philadelphia.
33 fine brews blended into one great beer (Pabst).
Those who really know, drink Falstaff (St. Louis).
Timed to perfection (Gunther Brewing Co.), Baltimore, Md.
Timed to perfection (Time Brewing, Inc.), Dallas, Tex.
Toast of the coast, The (Aztec Brewing Co.), Los Angeles.
Too good to forget (Tech Beer), Pittsburgh Brewing Co.
Trommer’s the malt beer.
Tru brew, The (Young Brewing Co.), St. Paul.

We’ll rest our case on a case (Liebman Breweries), Brooklyn, N.Y.
Who can resist a Guinness?
Wieland’s extra pale is always extra good (Pacific Brewing & Malting).
Winter brew for brew drinkers, The (Hoffman Beverage Co.), Newark, N.J.

You’ll feel you’ve had something worth drinking when you’ve had a Guinness.
You get more out of Hampden (Hampden Brewing Co.), Williamsett, Mass.
Your first taste tells you and sells you (Pacific Brewing & Malting Co.).

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