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Big news: There’s a new way our listeners and followers can support Cladrite Radio—at!

At, you can support us on a monthly basis, as some of you do at, but you can also give us a one-time contribution if you like—anywhere from $5 to…well, the sky’s the limit.

Why add this platform now? As we’ve shared with you before, Cladrite Radio is a labor of love, not a profit-making endeavor. We’re so grateful for those who have chipped in to keep us alive and streaming over the years—we couldn’t do it without you, and that’s the plain truth—but we’ll admit that we basically survive month to month, and when new expenses arise, we sometimes have to again turn to our listeners and followers.

The biggest part (by far) of our expenses are our streaming and licensing costs. We adhere to licensing regulations and that runs into money. Recently, we learned that our listener hours have risen to such a level that we owe another $500 in licensing fees for this year (it’s a joy to have so many loyal listeners—not so delightful to see our costs rise). It’s also time to renew our internet hosting account; we’ll be signing up for a three-year contract. The cost will be approximately $1,000, and we hope you’ll consider doing your part to ensure that we’re still a going concern for each of those three years.

If you’ve ever considered supporting Cladrite Radio, there is, believe us, no time like the present, and so we would humbly ask you to consider doing so. You can support us on a monthly basis at for as little as $2 a month (more would of course be greatly appreciated) or at, where you can opt to either send us a one-time donation or to become a monthly supporter (you can even get two months free by signing on as an annual supporter).

Whether you enjoy the toe-tapping tunes we play on Cladrite Radio or the video tributes and other content we create for this website and our social media accounts (we hope you enjoy both), we hope you’ll chip in to make sure we can continue to bring you the fun vintage entertainment you’ve come to expect from us!

A vintage photo of a couple listening to the radio
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