48 Hours of Classic Christmas Music!

If you’ve been listening to Cladrite Radio these past weeks (as we trust you have), you’re aware that we’ve mixed in, as we do every year, some classic Christmas music with our regular toe-tapping tunes to put you in the holiday spirit—but not so much as to transform you into a Scrooge.

This year, however, we’re trying something new this year. Beginning at midnight Christmas Eve (late on December 23rd, that is), we’re devoting 48 hours to nothing but seasonal songs of the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s.

Classic Christmas Music

So tune that dial on your computer, smart phone, tablet or smart TV to Cladrite Radio, and we’ll help keep you and yours in the Christmas spirit for 48 hours in a row! And if you’re the kind of Scrooge who says, “Nerts to Christmas music!”, don’t fret—come the early morning hours of December 26th, we’ll be back to the toe-tapping tunes you’ve come to expect from us.

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