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The following text is shamelessly borrowed from, because we felt we couldn’t improve on their explanation of why you should vehemently oppose SOPA and PIPA, the copyright enforcement bills currently being considered by Congress. Please read on and call your senators.

What is PIPA?

PIPA is a poorly envisioned Senate copyright enforcement bill that will censor our Internet and kill jobs in the rapidly growing Internet industry. This bill (and its House counterpart, SOPA) were designed by lobbyists and are being sped through Congress with virtually no debate. Almost every Internet company has strongly come out against PIPA.

Why does this matter to me?

These bills threaten sites like Cheezburger, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and any others that rely on user participation. They will allow the government to censor sites and force companies to monitor your email and restrict websites that post or link to infringing content.

What can I do?

Call your Senator today and tell them to vote against PIPA. We have provided a list of phone numbers for each state below.

AK, Lisa Murkowski, 907-456-0233
AL, Jefferson Sessions, 334-244-7017
AL, Richard Shelby, 205-759-5047
AR, John Boozman, 479-725-0400
AR, Mark Pryor, 501-324-6336
AZ, Jon Kyl, 602-840-1891
AZ, John McCain, 602-952-2410
CA, Barbara Boxer, 510-286-8537
CA, Dianne Feinstein, 415-393-0707
CO, Michael Bennet, 303-455-7600
CT, Richard Blumenthal, 860-258-6940
CT, Joseph Lieberman, 860-549-8463
DE, Thomas Carper, 302-573-6291
DE, Chris Coons, 302-573-6345
FL, Bill Nelson, 407-872-7161
FL, Marco Rubio, 305-418-8553
GA, C. Saxby Chambliss, 770-763-9090
GA, John Isakson, 770-661-0999
HI, Daniel Akaka, 808-522-8970
HI, Daniel Inouye, 808-541-2542
IA, Charles Grassley, 515-288-1145
IA, Thomas Harkin, 515-284-4574
ID, Michael Crapo, 208-334-1776
ID, James Risch, 208-342-7985

IL, Richard Durbin, 312-353-4952
IL, Mark Kirk, 312-886-3506
IN, Daniel Coats, 317-554-0750
IN, Richard Lugar, 317-226-5555
KS, Pat Roberts, 913-451-9343
KY, Mitch McConnell, 502-582-6304
KY, Rob Portman, 361-576-1231
LA, Mary Landrieu, 225-389-0395
LA, David Vitter, 337-262-6898
MA, Scott Brown, 617-565-3170
MA, John Kerry, 617-565-8519
MD, Barbara Mikulski, 410-962-4510
ME, Susan Collins, 207-945-0417
ME, Olympia Snowe, 207-874-0883
MI, Carl Levin, 313-226-6020
MI, Debbie Stabenow, 517-203-1760
MN, Al Franken, 651-221-1016
MN, Amy Klobuchar, 612-727-5220
MO, Roy Blunt, 816-471-7141
MO, Claire McCaskill, 816-421-1639
MS, Thad Cochran, 601-965-4459
MS, Roger Wicker, 601-965-4644
MT, Max Baucus, 406-657-6790
MT, Jon Tester, 406-449-5401
NC, Richard Burr, 910-251-1058
NC, Kay Hagan, 336-333-5311
ND, Kent Conrad, 701-258-4648
ND, John Hoeven, 701-250-4618
NE, Mike Johanns, 308-632-6032
NE, E. Benjamin Nelson, 402-441-4600
NH, Kelly Ayotte, 603-622-7979
NH, Jeanne Shaheen, 603-647-7500
NJ, Frank Lautenberg, 973-639-8700
NJ, Robert Menendez, 973-645-3030
NM, Jeff Bingaman, 505-346-6601
NM, Tom Udall, 505-346-6791
NV, Dean Heller, 775-686-5770
NV, Harry Reid, 702-388-5020
NY, Kirsten Gillibrand, 212-688-6262
NY, Charles Schumer, 212-486-4430
OH, Sherrod Brown, 216-522-7272
OK, James Inhofe, 918-748-5111
OK, Tom Coburn, 918-581-7651
OR, Jeffery Merkley, 503-326-3386
PA, Robert Casey, 570-941-0930
PA, Pat Toomey, 610-434-1444
RI, John Reed, 401-943-3100
RI, Sheldon Whitehouse, 401-453-5294
SC, Jim DeMint, 864-233-5366
SC, Lindsey Graham, 864-250-1417
SD, Tim Johnson, 414-276-7282
SD, John Thune, 605-334-9596
TN, Lamar Alexander, 615-736-5129
TN, Bob Corker, 423-756-2757
TX, John Cornyn, 512-469-6034
TX, Kay Hutchison, 214-361-3500
UT, Orrin Hatch, 801-524-4380
UT, Mike Lee, 801-524-5933
VA, Mark Warner, 804-775-2314
VA, James Webb, 804-771-2221
VT, Patrick Leahy, 802-863-2525
VT, Bernard Sanders, 802-862-0697
WA, Patty Murray, 206-553-5545
WI, Ron Johnson, 605-332-8896
WI, Herbert Kohl, 414-297-4451
WV, Joe Manchin, 304-342-5855
WV, John Rockefeller, 304-347-5372
WY, John Barrasso, 307-261-6413
WY, Michael Enzi, 307-682-6268

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